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About Me

Hi! My name is Catherine and I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and labour doula who has a passion for working with women and mothers of all ages and fitness levels. I'm also a married Mom of 3 girls and avid lover of gardening, traveling, wine and cheese.


I started my fitness journey as I grew up through sports and building my own workout routines. While I exercised for the health benefits I mostly did it because I loved pushing myself and genuinely loved moving my body. It rarely, if ever, felt like a 'chore'. That all changed when I became pregnant.

I had morning sickness (all day sickness? haha), was exhausted all the time and uncomfortable in my changing body. The ideal image I had in my head of having a 'fit pregnancy' went out the window. I went from being in the gym 5-7 days a week to maybe getting 1 workout a week in. After my daughter was born I felt like a stranger in my own body and struggled immensely with postpartum depression and anxiety. I was quick to try and get back to my old routine without understanding how to heal my body properly and put pressure on myself to look like I'd never been pregnant.


​The first 18 months of motherhood were incredibly hard for me but those months of struggle also pushed me to find value in myself outside of how my body looked or didn't look. Those months also pushed me to find reliable resources to help expand my knowledge so that I could shift my coaching focus on helping women and mothers as they move through each chapter of their lives. I love helping women feel confident and comfortable with their strength.

Through focusing on mental health, community and fitness I believe that we can evolve the way we think about fitness



I went blindly into my labor with my first daughter. I trusted and love the OB I had and felt like she and the nursing staff were the professionals and that that meant I didn't need to worry about planning anything for my birth. I felt that because there any many things out of your control during labor and birth that I definitely had no reason to make a plan that potentially wouldn't go as planned anyways. After becoming a Mom I had such admiration for all parents and loved hearing all different types of pregnancy and birth stories.

Not only did I go into and throughout my second pregnancy much more informed about my changing body but I also became much more informed about birth and labor. This passion only grew as I prepared to give birth to my third daughter two years later. 

All three of my pregnancies and births were very different in their own ways and led me to pursue my labor doula certification. 

I believe that every birthing person should have access to the tools that will help them have an informed birthing experience. Whatever your choices are I would be honored to help guide and support you through your birthing journey. 

Together, let's evolve the way we think about birth.

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