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Do I have to be a mom or have small children to come to class?

No! While I love spending time coaching moms and while most classes are baby/toddler/kid friendly, you do not have to have any kids to come to class. If you do have kids you also do not have to bring them to class to be able to come nor do you only have to have small children to be able to come. That being said, kids are welcome to come and play while you get your workout in!

Do you only offer group fitness classes?

Oh man do we love the community that comes with the group classes but there are plenty of other ways to get your sweat on! Private training is available online and in person. I also make customized workout programs, have at home programs available and run specialized group programs throughout the year.

(P.S. private clients are still welcome to join ladies nights and playdates!)

Do I need to be at a certain fitness level to work with you?

Absolutely not! I work with all different fitness levels. So whether you're just starting out or looking to improve some already strong skills, I'd love to help you along the way. In classes I provide modifications and would love to hear from you if something isn't working and you need additional modifications. I also encourage clients to rest and modify without permission.

Where are your fitness services located?

Both group classes and private training take place at a few different locations.

During the majority of the year, group classes are located indoors. Larger classes are conveniently located at Integro Wellness Studio and small group classes are run in my home studio space. In the warmer months (typically May-September) group classes head outdoors. The summer season is so short for us so we love to get outdoors and make the best of it (plus the kids love playing at the park next to us)!

Private training is also available both at Integro Wellness Studio and at my in home space.

I have a partner supporting me, so do I need a doula?

While most (but not all) birthing people have a support partner, lots of people find that their partner is more involved in the process when they have a doula there to guide them on how to best provide support. It can sometimes be difficult for partners to know how give support to them in the moment. It can also be helpful to have a doula as an extra support person for when your partner needs a break. Birth can be unpredictable and a doula can help guide you through any unexpected scenarios that may arise.

I want extra support for my birth but don't want an extra person present at my birth. How can you help me?

Birth is a sacred space and sometimes you just don't want another person present in that space, I get it! But there are still ways that I can help you prepare for birth and support you postpartum.

Birth prep classes are a great tool to help you prepare for you upcoming labor and birth. Both the group classes and private classes will give you all the information you need to feel confident and informed as you head into your big day! There is also an option to add on the postpartum support that is included with regular doula services. 

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