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Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to get an awesome workout in cost efficient and fun environment! I pride myself on offering classes that will meet you where you're at in your fitness journey. You do not need to have children to attend classes however classes (unless otherwise stated) are baby/child friendly. 

We are a supportive group of women both in and out of classes!

In our Full Body Fit classes, we will help you build muscular strength and endurance while getting that daily endorphin release every body craves. 

We're all about mixing up the workout style too- some days we will do cardio style, other days we are all about that strength, and some days may be a mix of both. No matter what's on the daily schedule, you'll sweat your way to laughter, endorphins and an amazing total body workout.

This class is designed to meet you wherever you're at on your fitness journey. For new mamas, I recommend that you are at least 8 weeks postpartum and that have received clearance from your physician before participating!

In the Centered classes we will be focusing a full 30 minutes on strengthening and conditioning your core and glute muscles and more! This class is virtual which means that you can attend live from wherever you are or get a recording and do the class on your on time.

For postpartum clients, I recommend having a strong awareness of your core and pelvic floor before attending this class. Please reach out for more information on training to rebuild you strength after baby or for recommendations for a pelvic floor physio.

Much like the regular Full Body Fit class, this small group class will hit all sorts of muscles in fun and efficient ways! This class takes place in a small group setting with circuit style workouts. 

Please note that this is an adult only class. If you need to bring a baby or child to class please get in touch with me ahead of time. 


Check out which class pass will work best for you here!

New to our community? Check out the Postpartum Pass or First Week Unlimited Pass.

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